Beaver Scouts

Beavers are young people aged 6 to 8 who:

• Master new skills and try new things

• Have fun and go on adventures

• Make friends

• Are curious about the world around them

• Help others and make a difference, on their own doorstops and beyond


Every Monday from 6pm to 7pm, our Beaver Colony meets to try lots of different games and activities together – achieving anything they set their minds to, and having lots of fun along the way.

If you would like your child to join, e-mail: 

We often go outdoors to find out more about people and places around us. We have a space at the local allotment where we grow plants and vegetables. Sometimes, instead of going out to visit others, people come to visit us. Recently, we had a visit from a pilot from RAF Valley (he’s a scout leader too!). At the Iorwerth Rowlands Centre, we try new activities and learn new things. 


Our leaders are Sulwen Roberts, Nora Kirk, and Karen Van Weert.


All Beaver Scouts make a promise. There are different versions of the promise depending on the young person’s preferred faith. Beavers can also take their promise in Welsh. The versions for different faiths can be found here:

The Welsh promise can be found here: